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Traditional Muay Thai

60min Muay Thai, technique and fitness training for adults and late teens. We love tailoring the experience of every individual in the class based on their experience level – so this class can be for everyone! Expect to sweat, push yourself to the limit, and really spend time working on developing your Muay Thai technique & confidence.

Muay Thai Fitness

Cardio, body weights, light weights, core and more! These fitness classes have more of a focus on traditional gym workouts while still incorporating Muay Thai techniques. For example: Punching the bags then going into squats. We love mixing it up to keep your body moving and calories burning!


60 minutes of Muay Thai training for our youngest members, starting from 4 years old! In this class we start with working on basic Techniques, Combinations, Bag Work and Pads all in a highly supervised, instructional and FUN environment for your kids to exercise, make friends, learn & thrive in.

Technique and Combos

These 45min sessions promise to give you a deeper understanding of Muay Thai concepts. Brodie Stalder leads this class by sharing his many years of experience and breaking down techniques and combinations to help further your knowledge and skills. Each session will be different and is lead by your questions or techniques Brodie notices you need help with.

Strength and Core

A great 60min session for people at all levels. Based on your strength we will build you from body weight and light weight training aiming to reach heaver weights, as well as resistance and core exercises too. This class is a perfect opportunity to slow things down and improve on your strengths & weaknesses in a supportive environment.

Personal Training

These 30min or 60min one-on-one Personal Training sessions are catered to your individual needs and the goals you’ve set for your own Muay Thai journey. Ideal for those looking to sharpen their technical knowledge, get professional advice from our expert trainers as well as increase strength and fitness levels.

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