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TSMT’s Teens is a Thai Boxing system specifically designed for teenagers.  Everyone in the class is 12-16yrs old & are all looking to train hard, learn valuable life skills, get fit & have fun.

Teenage years can sometimes be one of the hardest times in a child’s life. They are in high school & you can’t always be around to protect them. So we’re here to give them an outlet & a goal!

We will teach them how to defend themselves using practical Muay Thai techniques. It will help them to build their confidence, co-ordination & focus, which will help them in all aspects of their life.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from doing the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

They will participate in:

  • Warm up drills
  • Bag work
  • Practice shadow boxing
  • Drills of Techniques & Combinations
  • Learn how to hold pads correctly
  • Trainer & Team Mate Pads / Kick Shields rounds
  • Partner Work for Combinations, Practicing Defensive Skills & Counters
  • Strength & Core movements
  • Circuit training using the cardio equipment, free weights, body weight, ropes, boxes & more


Our trainers know how hard it can be growing up, most of them started at a young age & found Muay Thai helped them get through a lot of tough times. Our lead teen trainers have competed in Muay Thai & have years of teaching experience.  They know some of the best fitness & training techniques to help your child get the most out of each class.

Our assistant teen trainers have been trained through our kids, teens & now either in our adults program or part of our fight team. They’re extremely valuable to our teens program as they have firsthand been taught by us (Brodie & Elise Stalder) from the very start & they understand life’s challenges being teens themselves.

All Instructors at TSMT are encouraging & supportive. They always try their best to make sure their students train hard, but also have fun. As a class they will train together, sweat together, improve & smile together!

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